Obituary Look-Ups for Bluffton News

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How to Order Obituaries from Back Issues of the Bluffton News

Bluffton Public Library keeps an archive of many of the past Bluffton News issues (dating back many decades), and fulfills requests for digital or physical copies made of past articles or obituaries. To request an obituary, please follow these steps:

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Step One) FILL OUT AN ONLINE FORM BELOW.  You may search the Hayes Obituary Index (click here to do so) to find the desired obituary, and record the specific date of the Bluffton News and page number in the form below.  You will need to submit a form for each obituary requested. 

Step Two) Wait for email of confirmation from Public Services Coordinator and follow instructions in email.

Please note:

*BPL staff members strive to fulfill requests within six weeks of receipt, and Bluffton Public Library may only provide copies of obituaries in the Bluffton News on file in the library. 


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