1000 Books Before Kindergarten

What is the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program?

It is a free program which encourages you to read 1,000 books with your child before he or she starts Kindergarten.

Who can enter the program?

Children from birth through the Summer before they start Kindergarten.

How long will the program take?

The program is self-paced and you decide how often and how long you will read to your child. It can take anywhere from 3 months to 3+ years.

How many children can participate?

All of them (provided they have not yet started Kindergarten).  Make it even more fun and read as a family!

What are the goals of the program?

  • To encourage families to read aloud to their young children.
  • To introduce children to a variety of books.
  • To promote early literacy so children can enter school ready to learn.
  • To reinforce parents' role as their child's first teachers.
  • To encourage families to regularly use the library for lifelong learning.