Meeting Rooms

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Public Usage of Library's Meeting Room Spaces

Download our Meeting Room Application here.
Download the library's Meeting Room Policy here. 

Bluffton Public Library’s meeting rooms are used primarily for library programs and services. The rooms are available for rental by outside groups and individuals when library staff members are not utilizing the rooms, and all reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

When the meeting space is rented for public use, activities are to promote the community-centered mission of Bluffton Public Library.

In order to reserve a meeting room space, a primary contact person must fill out a Meeting Room Application. This form can be submitted at the front desk during library hours, emailed to, or faxed to 419-358-9653. A meeting room space is not officially reserved until a primary contact person has received confirmation from the library’s Public Services Coordinator or Director. The primary contact person must be at least 18 years of age.

There are two rooms available for rental on the library’s lower level: the Monroe Room and the Richland Room. Please see the following table for the difference between these two rooms: 

Room Non-Profit   For-Profit   Social   Room Capacity
Monroe $10.00   $30.00   $50.00   35
Richland $20.00   $60.00   $100.00   70
Monroe & Richland (seen in above photo) $30.00   $90.00   $150.00   110

Meeting room rental fees are due when the Meeting Room Application is submitted unless the designated primary contact person has received prior approval from a library staff member. Cash or check are accepted, and checks are payable to Bluffton Public Library. When renting the meeting room space for monthly or recurring meetings, total fees may be paid in full when turning in one’s application or separately before each meeting.

The primary contact person is responsible for any children under the age of 18 utilizing meeting room space during rental period. Food and drink are permitted when approved by a library staff member before the event. The library’s meeting rooms are only available during regular library hours. Group activities must be contained within the meeting room space and must not disturb normal library functions.

The utilization of any library equipment including the projector, screen, whiteboard, and/or kitchenette is included within rental fee, but usage must be discussed with and approved by a staff member. Please alert a library staff member concerning these needs when applying for the room rental. The room also includes library-supplied tables and chairs to be set up and taken down by renting group.

The primary contact person as specified on the Meeting Room Application is required to be physically present at the event when it takes place, and is responsible for their group’s usage of the facility. The primary contact person must also be responsible for insuring the room is returned to its original state no later than 15 minutes before closing time. This includes returning all library chairs, tables, and all other equipment to their proper place as well as any cleaning duties necessary to return the room to its original state. This includes the cleaning of the kitchenette and any of its appliances, dishes, and utensils.

For more information or to reserve a meeting room, please visit the library, call 419-358-5016, or email For the library's entire Meeting Room Policy, click here.