Storytime 2023-2024

Welcome to the Bluffton Public Library Storytime

Our Storytime is full of stories, games, craft activities and so much more!

Each Storytime session is planned to incorporate opportunities to Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play.  These five practices are used to develop early literacy skills.

Raise your children to be lifelong readers by bringing them to storytime at the Library.



Pre-K Storytime

  • This Storytime is open to Pre-Kindergarten (3 to 5 years old).
  • If the 2-year-old has a birthday in February - April they are welcome to join Storytime.
  • Parents/Guardians to children over the age of 3, must remain inside the library on the same floor.

Baby Storytime

  • This Storytime is open to babies and toddlers (birth - 2 years old).
  • If the 2-year-old has a birthday after April they are welcome to join Baby Storytime
  • Parents/Guardians are to participate with their child.
  • If a there is a sibling that is apart of the Pre-K Storytime, they are welcome to join.


We hope that you too will follow and abide by our policies to have a safe and welcoming storytime.  If you have questions or concerns please contact Ms. Sharlene at 419-358-5016 or email: 

Helpful things to remember:

  • Parents or caregivers may register children to join Regular Storytime at the start of the month in which they will have their 3rd birthday.
  • Storytime will begin at the assigned time and last for approximately 30 minutes. Please arrive a few minutes before Storytime begins to allow children to adjust to the surroundings and to avoid disruptions to the group. Children will sit on their carpet square and be social distanced from fellow friends.
  • To avoid unnecessary distractions, toys and snacks are not allowed (unless otherwise directed). For the child’s comfort and safety, parents or caregivers must remain in the meeting room during Storytime. See our Unattended Child Policy for more information.
  • Parents or caregivers will be able to see if their child is unhappy, disruptive or needs to use the restroom, etc., so that their needs may be addressed. Library staff and volunteers are not permitted to take children to the restroom.
  • Please alert youth staff of food allergies or dietary restrictions as snacks are often served.